TALL Stack Starter Kit

The perfect starting point for your next project.

Out of the box, it includes all the essential features, is multitenant ready and most importantly, easy to customize to your needs.

Tall-Stacke Starter Kit

Build on the awesome TALL stack

The best developer experience you can get.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS







A better way to build your application

Includes all essential functions and goes far beyond.


Easy to use Single Database Multi Tenancy.


Invite users via email with the help of Spatie/Laravel-Invitation.


Manage permissions with the help of Spatie/Laravel-Permission.


State of the art authentication handled by Laravel/Fortify.

Frontend scaffold

Complete front-end paired with blade components from WireUI/WireUI.

Clean code

Easy to follow and customize code based on Laravel best practices.

Great documentation

Covers every little detail and helps you understand and adjust the application.

Updates included

Ongoing development and updates based on community requests.

I'm developing the TALL Stack Starter Kit because I've tried a several Starter Kits before, but they were either too complicated, didn't have the feature set I wanted, or couldn't be customized enough to meet my own needs.

Dominik Geimer

Dominik Geimer

Creator of Tall Stack Starter Kit